Saturday, October 1, 2011

Ralph Wayne's Vintage backyard Nat'ls!!!!!!!

Ralph Wayne's was today, my favorite event of the year... every year.
So I got up bright and early to a brisk (by brisk I mean I froze my balls off) 41 degree(that's really cold rollin down the highway on the skoot) ride out to the South KC area after some
much needed coffee. We like getting there early for a prime parking spot up front and you get to
watch everybody else roll in. here's what i found!

This Ironhead cr1000 was bitchin' yep I said bitchin'

PANS, SHOVELS, AND PANSHOVELS... AND CRAZY FRANKS FENDERS(well not orig. but cool lookalikes, there was actually one wayyy better but my pic was too blurry)

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