Tuesday, August 28, 2012


I wanted to give a quick update as I am not on here as frequently as I should. There a some changes goin on in the life of SheaZilla.
First and Most Importantly it is an honor to announce that as of Sept 5th I will be tattooing Tues, Wed, Fri @ Old Souls Tattoo Parlour & Gallery from here on out. This is going to be a great opportunity for me and hopefully the other fellas at Old Souls. I will be open for walk-ins @ Freaks on Broadway Thurs and Sat from 11am-7pm. Please feel free to come see me at either place during the schedule stated above. please visit their website oldsoulstattoo.com.
On another note I am now part of the Instagram world where I am much more active due to its convenience. So follow me @ shea_zilla on Instagram if you have it.
A couple more updates GREASERAMA 2012 is here this weekend Sat 9/1 & Sun 9/2 at the boulevard DriveIn be there or be retarted. It is kansas city's top car/bike custom, custom culture show of the year! Don't forget the pre-party @RecordBar Fri nite (bands, drinks, fun till 3am!)
Old Souls Tattoo & Gallery also participates in the crossroads first friday events. For those of you that don't know this is every first friday of the month all thhe local art galleries in the area open up to a featured artist. September first friday will be a very special one at Old Souls as it will be the biggest one thus far. Featuring choppers, lowriders and art suited to the same. We are expecting this to be one hell of a party so come down between 6pm&11pm Fri Sept 7th. I will be posting a flyer as soon as I am able.

For those of you that read all of this thanks

split flash sheet with Asher Bowers of Liberty Tattoo 
Seattle, Wa

Sunday, June 24, 2012


So I know I'm not the best updater of this blog thing, but I'm around the blog thing nearly everyday. Whether it's updating mine (I know its rare) or checking out my friends blogs or just those that I don't know but really inspire me. well... this week I took a complete break from the internet. I mean completely! no email, blog, google nuthin. My best friend was in town from seattle and we focused on my one true passsion; Tattooing! got some painting done and Rocked some tattoos late night style. Almost an entire week of 13hour tat days.
It was awesome it reminded me what is truly special. So for this past week it was fuck cars, fuck motorcycles, FUCK THE INTERNET.
Now that my rant is over and the week is over I will try to be better about updating this stupid thing.

p.s. if this post bothers you.
fuck off

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

OLD SoUL Tattoo

I will be guesting at our local sister shop Old Soul Tattoo Parlor this week Wed-Sat. Joe and i will be holding it down Noon to 9pm. Come by and say hello... or get a damn tat.

 this was a serious challenge (pain in the ass)
is what that means
 totally rewarding once it was finished

Chop complete...time for bodywork

sorry for the poor quality photos, iphone4gs is not in my budget, I got car parts to buy