Sunday, June 24, 2012


So I know I'm not the best updater of this blog thing, but I'm around the blog thing nearly everyday. Whether it's updating mine (I know its rare) or checking out my friends blogs or just those that I don't know but really inspire me. well... this week I took a complete break from the internet. I mean completely! no email, blog, google nuthin. My best friend was in town from seattle and we focused on my one true passsion; Tattooing! got some painting done and Rocked some tattoos late night style. Almost an entire week of 13hour tat days.
It was awesome it reminded me what is truly special. So for this past week it was fuck cars, fuck motorcycles, FUCK THE INTERNET.
Now that my rant is over and the week is over I will try to be better about updating this stupid thing.

p.s. if this post bothers you.
fuck off