Thursday, October 20, 2011

Winter is approachingggg....

I know, i know it's just now fall but i mean the slow season is here, winding down on trips and good weather and good riding, and the tattoo shop slows as well. But there are a few awesome things about this time of the year. New bike projects as of Sunday i will have two maybe 3. I'm completely redoing the privaleged purple honda in light of my most recent findings (check the anchor blog) and I have a should-be quick project as well as a long-term project; provided all goes well at Sunday's swapmeet. All the while trying to get the bodywork/paint done on the Ranchero. The other awesome thing is I can focus more on art stuff i.e; painting flash and finishing up larger in-prog tattoos (eh-hem ya'll know who you are lets get in and get-em knocked out). so without further ado here's a sneek peek of some of the recent paints that have been goin down at the shop for a flash collection at Tower Classic tattoo in STL in November.

 this here is yours truly
and a little tattoo I did last week

Saturday, October 1, 2011

... And a tat

Ralph Wayne's Vintage backyard Nat'ls!!!!!!!

Ralph Wayne's was today, my favorite event of the year... every year.
So I got up bright and early to a brisk (by brisk I mean I froze my balls off) 41 degree(that's really cold rollin down the highway on the skoot) ride out to the South KC area after some
much needed coffee. We like getting there early for a prime parking spot up front and you get to
watch everybody else roll in. here's what i found!

This Ironhead cr1000 was bitchin' yep I said bitchin'

PANS, SHOVELS, AND PANSHOVELS... AND CRAZY FRANKS FENDERS(well not orig. but cool lookalikes, there was actually one wayyy better but my pic was too blurry)