Thursday, September 15, 2011

Irish Rich

If you don't know him... get to...!!!!!
This dude rules!
So... the story goes about 50 miles into our Doin' It Trip (aka born free or bust) I realize my front end is still
f*ck#d, but I tuffed out (an I do mean T-U-F-F ed) the wiggle jiggle all the way to Denver where flying weasel Michael had arranged for us to make a stop at Irish Rich's for some insight and help with my front end problems.
As far as showing up to a chopper guru's place of bizz was a little unnerving for a little peon finklestien shit kid like myself. I was a mess tired from the road, out of my element, meeting wayyyy too many new folks, spilling fork oil all over the place when quantities were limited. (I hope this paints a chaotic picture) All the while Irish Rich is theee coolest dude ever, totally chill and teaching me all the why's as we worked out the hows. I love that soo much. I mean its fun and all to watch somebody put something together and usually after that I can mimic that fairly well, but It is way more awesome to know why it has to be done that way and how it works.
Ricky showed up shortly after and we band-aided the problem, It never actually got fixed but the point is I learned a bunch from Rich and his hospitality alone was so awesome. I'll never forget this experience.
Anyways... whew, that bladiblahblahblah rant was ridiculous...
In a few less words If you don't know Irish Rich you should 
Irish Rich thank you
everybody else check out his blog Applied Machete

 chopper encyclopedia himself showing me the way to chopper glory. haha
all the while, lending a helping hand and garage and tools to Twin City Boys Dave and Gator

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